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Saturday, September 8, 2012

New Project..

Working on a new book tentatively titled "The Long Road to Happiness".. it's filled with some real-life, difficult experiences and one girls path of finding her way out of it to finally find her own happiness. It's one of those books that might be controversial but a story that some might relate to none-the-less. I'll post more as it gets closer to being finished and of course announce the release date when it's decided.

Friday, July 20, 2012

A preview from "My Soldier's Secrets" Coming out soon!

The new year brought such hope, and happiness into Pace’s heart. He had his perfect woman, and a bright future ahead. He never would have thought he’d get there, to that place where his past didn’t haunt him, but he knew he was as closer to it now than ever.

The first few days of February, Pace started to doubt his newfound happiness. He hid it from Cynthia as best as he could, but the flash backs and tremors were had started up again. He’d space out, mentally be shipped back to Iraq, to the blood, bullets and dead bodies.
He tried to make it go away, but he knew he was sinking, fast. Why? Why when he found happiness did it have to be ripped away?
He fingered the dog tags he wore since Christmas, when Cynthia gave them to him.

He was so lost in his despair, he didn’t hear Cynthia enter his office. She was about to say hello when she noticed his back was tense, he was motionless, and his hands were trembling. Oh NO!

“Pace?” she said tentatively.
Nothing, not a word, a noise, no movement. He wasn’t there with her.
She took another step forward. “Pace, baby?”
Still nothing.

Pace stood still, his body would not move, his mind would not erase the scene of murder and bloodshed from his eyes, in his mind he was carrying his Colt M4 assault rifle firmly in his right hand, pointed to the ground, which was covered in sand. Sand and blood. He stood over his fellow Marine’s body, which was twisted unnaturally, no doubt he’d broken a leg after getting shot, what kind of fucked up shit was that? He was fucking shot, did his leg have to dangle from his body on top of it?
Those bastards would pay, every last one. He vowed then and there, every enemy soldier he shot from that day forward would be for Jason, revenge.. not duty to his country.

“Pace” he heard his name whispered. His hands trembled, his gun lightly brushing against his leg from the movement.

“Pace” a soft woman’s voice called to him. What the fuck? There’s no women out here.. just Marines, guns, death, hummers, bunkers, insurgents, suicide bombers, kids with guns aimed at him and his brothers. There were no soft calls of his name here. WHAT-THE-FUCK?!?!?!

Reality and painful memories blurred. He didn’t know if he was really there, in the desert, his eyes told him he was, he was carrying his service rifle, wasn’t he?

Again “Pace?” Cynthia had tears coming from her eyes, she was scared for what was happening, because she had no clue what it was. Against her better judgment she reached out to his arm, his right arm to be exact.

He jumped and turned around in one movement. “DO.. NOT.. TOUCH.. MY.. FUCKING.. GUN!!!” He screamed, his eyes wild, sweat pouring down his face.

“Pace, it’s me, Cynthia. Babe.. stop.”
Before she could say more he pushed past her. With long strides and determined steps he reached his SUV.
How the hell did Cynthia end up in Iraq, how was she here.. better yet, how was he in his SU-fucking-V.
He couldn’t make sense of anything. When did he drop his weapon? How did he get on the road to his house? What the fuck way happening to him?

Cynthia stood in shock for a moment, unable to process what has just happened. She’d witnessed Pace having flashbacks before, but this was something else. This was a whole new level of screwed up. This was something she couldn’t handle.
She forgot she had a paper in her hand. She was going to show it to Pace, until… this. Whatever this was.

Suddenly a sense of urgency filled her and she knew she had to find him. He was out there, clearly not in his right mind, and driving. Oh-my-god.. what if he got in an accident. Filled with panic she raced to her car, going as fast as she could to Pace’s house, the whole time in her mind repeating three words ‘please be okay’.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Out now and what's to come!!!

As many of you know I have three titles out now.
Sapphire Dreams: The Beginnings
From Innocuous to Immortal
Witch Destiny

What you may not know is that I've been working on some new novels. WooHoo!!

One such project is an exciting new book called "My Soldier's Secrets" and it is not my usual fantasy/paranormal type story. Yes, it's still fiction, only with honest to goodness humans.. no vamps or witches to be found. I'm excited about it, the main characters are complete awesomeness, and my beau in the book is unique, complex, and smoky hot!!! It's still in development but I am hoping to have it out for the world to see sometime in September. Keep an eye out my Kindle friends!!

I also have a few in newer stages of development and they will progress at the rate that the characters demand.

I'll keep all who are interested up to date on here (blogspot) or my FB author page (M. Yakus-Johnson Books) so you'll always be in the know!

HAPPY READING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! <3

Monday, March 26, 2012

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Back to the drawing board

Just a quick update... No my characters haven't been on hiatus, they've been patiently waiting for me to focus and continue their stories..  New Year... new inspirations... more to come!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

From Innocuous To Immortal

Available on Kindle and Nook:   Download for $2.99

Daniella Henderson is a typical working woman, with not much of a social life.  Her boss Scott though, quickly is in need of her aid, and opens his heart to her.  Caught off guard but beyond excited about this exciting turn of events, Daniella travels around the globe to help out her extremely handsome new beau.  She finds herself in her homeland of Italy, and never could she have imagined that her helping Scott in his time of need would include immortality and extinction of the human race as we know it.